Our souls grieve for those we love. Love is stronger than grief. 

Grieving is the process of rebuilding a soul shattered by the loss of someone you love. There is no “getting over” your loss, or “moving on”, but you can grow with your grief. Our goal is to provide those who are grieving with resources that can help lighten the weight of the grief they carry. To provide a light in the darkness; to provide hope.

Check out the website for links to books, blogs, podcasts, and organizations that can help support you (or your loved ones) with grief.  

I have also written my memoir about my journey with grief.  This award-winning book, Boldly into the Darkness: Living with Loss, Growing with Grief & Holding onto Happiness, is available for purchase as an ebook, audiobook, and paperback in the store, along with other Growing with Grief Merchandise 

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Please contact us with any grief resource suggestions and comments.  We would love to hear from you!



Bring Growing with Grief and SODA to the Rose Parade!

Apr 19, 2022

There have been a lot of big things happening over at Growing with Grief and I’m so excited to finally get to share them with “Bring Growing with Grief and SODA to the Rose Parade!”

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