Podcasts are a great way to hear the stories of others.  Sometimes these are happy, sometimes they are sad, but most likely they are both.  Podcasts are a great way to remind you that you aren’t alone in grief. Listen to some of these podcasts to hear how others have adjusted to carrying the weight of grief and trauma.

Comedian Jordon Ferber hosts the Where’s The Grief?  podcast where he brings some light into the darkness of grief.  Through the podcast, Jordon has open conversations about grief with guests while trying to provide listeners with different coping mechanisms.

Widow We Do Now? podcast with Mel and Anita is all about what you do when you find yourself a young widow. In this podcast, they use humor while they explore all those hard and heavy topics of grief. They also host a private facebook group called the Widow Wives Club.

 Artwork for 14. Dana Frost - How To Navigate This Messy Life By Forcing Some Joy Widow 180 with Jen Zwinck spotlights widows who have taken the lessons learned through grief and used it to grow and even transform themselves. This podcast is all about inspiration and doing a 180, and turning tragedy and loss into strength, creativity, and a passion for living life.

Good Grief with Cheryl Jones is an online radio show, with the live interviews being converted into podcasts. Cheryl helps guests explore their losses and discuss how the loss has changed their life. This show is all about how grief can help you find strength, be courageous, and really learn to focus on what is important in life. 

  My Spouse Died Too hosted by Emeric McCleary is all about giving grief the middle finger. Emeric, often with guest co-hosts, gets real and raw while discussing all parts of grief associated with losing your spouse. “This ain’t your grandma’s grief group.”

 Grief, Gratitude & The Gray in Between by Kendra Rinaldi is all about exploring individual grief at different stages and times of our lives. Grief doesn’t leave us, and its presence has an effect on us with every major life change and transition. This podcast is all about discussing our grief in all stages of life and helping listeners feel less alone and share hope through the stories of others.

Tendrils of Grief: A Podcast About Hope is hosted by Susan Ways. Susan interviews both grievers and professionals in grief fields, and has them not just share their stories, but also share things that helped them work through their grief.  Susan works to help listeners have hope and build meaning into their lives.

Shapes Of GriefShapes of Grief hosted by Liz Gleeson, Bereavement Therapist, is all about exploring grief and the different facets of it. Liz aims to normalize grief while sharing the numerous ways that people learn to manage and even transform their grief.

It's All About the Story: Personal Grief Stories Podcast Artwork Image It’s All About the Story: Personal Grief Storieshosted by Rick Bergh is a podcast focused on people sharing their grief-related stories. On it you get to hear how people, like yourself, worked to figure out their own grief, and share some of the lessons they learned through the process.

The Grief Dreams Podcast hosted by Dr. Joshua Black, a leading researcher in the field of grief dreams, and Shawn Ram focuses on conversations about life and how loss and grief affect it, as well as the grief dreams that often come up during the grieving process.  

Grief Refuge: Peace and Purpose After Loss by Reid Peterson is all about learning to honor your grief, while also managing it. This podcast uses both reflective conversations and stories to provide listeners with comfort and support on the path to healing. 

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 Terrible, Thanks for Asking hosted by Nora McInerny is a podcast that allows people to share how they are doing, really doing.  In each podcast Nora has real people share their real stories, then asks them how they are really doing, providing a space where being “Terrible” is ok.  This podcast can be heartwrenching, but can also be so much more.

The Grief Bully Podcast Artwork ImageThe Grief Bullyby J. Nicole is a podcast focused on fighting and healing from grief. J. Nicole provides both solo podcasts and podcast interviews in short (around 30 minutes) bursts of hope, love, and inspiration to help you grow. I was blessed to be a guest on the podcast, click here to access that episode So What if the Grief Catches You!  I hope you enjoy it. 

Death Gone Wild

 Death Gone Wild is a podcast that follows one woman’s journey through grief.  It’s funny; it’s honest; it’s unfiltered.  In this podcast the host works to show that there are no rules in grief, and if there was she’d break them all.  “Love Hard. Live Wild” is the theme as the podcast reminds listeners that their stories matter too, and no one needs to go through grief alone.

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