Award-Winning Memoir

Boldly into the Darkness: Living with Loss, Growing with Grief & Holding onto Happiness

by Autumn Toelle-Jackson




In Boldly into the Darkness, Autumn Toelle-Jackson shares her story traversing the darkness of soul-shattering grief, learning to grab onto hope, and finding true happiness despite the losses she has faced.  From the joy of finding love and starting a family, the devastating death of her husband, the confusion and hope surrounding finding a new love, and the shattering loss of losing an infant daughter, Autumn works to first survive, then live, and finally thrive. Through her story of tragedy and hope, Autumn will inspire you to go boldly into the darkness, and find your light. 

Boldly into the Darkness is a book for anyone who is struggling with the trials of life.  It’s about overcoming the impossible and learning about your ability to survive no matter what trauma or loss you may face. It’s about learning how resilient you really are.  This is a book that will help you find hope! Available as a paperback, ebook, and audiobook wherever you shop now.


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Autumn Toelle-Jackson has lived a life of love and loss, filled with happiness and marked by tragedy. Labels are too simple, but they do have meaning and they do tell part of her story: wife, widow, mother, survivor. The loss of a husband, a beloved cousin and mentor, her daughter, and miscarriages have left scars on her soul and memorial tattoos on her body, but Autumn learned to grow through it all.

She found love and reasons to get up each day until those days strung into weeks, then months, then years. This is her story. Besides writing Boldly into the Darkness, Autumn and her family have also created to provide those who are grieving with a place to find community, resources, and help.



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